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Then King Banya U (AD 1353-1385) and his descendents reconstructed and enlarged it and raised it still higher. Queen Shin Saw Pu, the grand daughter of Banya U, had the pagoda enlarged and raised. She was the first Queen who donated and gilded the pagoda with gold equal to her weight. [ more + ]

One of King Bodawpaya's sons conveyed this Buddha statue across the Rakhine Yoma from Mrauk-U to Mandalay . Firstly, the pagoda was located at the old capital Amarapura, but it had been moved to Mandalay after fire broke out in 1884. [ more + ]

The Shwe Zi Gon Pagoda's name was derived from Ground of Victory Jeyyabhumi, and was associated with the two great kings Anawrahta and Kyansitta for their backing of the Buddhist religion. The holy tooth, collar-bone and frontlet of Lord Buddha were presented as a gift by the King of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka ) to King Anawrahta who made a solemn vow stating "Let the white elephant kneel in the place where the holy relic is fain to rest!" [ more + ]

Pindaya, 45 kilometers from Kalaw, is the site of ancient caves and a boulevard of some of Myanmar's biggest banyan trees.The caves are about of 200 million years old and since ancient times they have been places of worship, There are 8,094 Buddha images made out of wood, marble, alabaster, brick, cement and lacquer, enshrined in the niches and corners of winding caves. [ more + ]

This pagoda is situated in the Khan Ti Lung area twelve miles from Machambaw, and ten miles east of Putao, on the east bank of the Malikha River in Kachin State. It is one of the 84,000 pagoda built by the Great Thiri Dhama Thawka, and enshrined with three relics under the auspices of Thatitha Arahantha. At the east entrance is a Kakusana Buddha matali nat and a Manuthiha (Lion). [ more + ]

Beaches and Resorts
Myanmar is surrounded by five neighboring countries but it is not a land-locked country because its west and south regions open into the sea. The Rakhine coast, on Myanmar's west, faces the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, and the southern Tanintharyi coast fronts the emerald green Andaman Sea. [ more + ]

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