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ASEAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2013 Written by Webmaster 2761
Questions and Answers Written by Webmaster 2781
Like those of Mone region, others from rural areas where KNU insurgents are active subject to atrocities Government cleared up the areas for security purpose and protecting lives and property of the people Written by Webmaster 2558
Although shouting for Shan State liberation, Ywet Sit and cohorts are like mafia drug criminals trafficking narcotic drugs, smuggling arms Ywet Sit�s group sitting on fence at border torching villages, massacring national people, raping national race wome Written by Webmaster 2837
Information Committee of State Peace and Development Council holds Press Conference No 4/2006 Written by Webmaster 2112
With intention of establishing drug free-country by 2014, government launched 15-year Drug Elimination Plan Ywet Sit is drug kingpin, firearms smuggler Written by Webmaster 5425
Questions and answers at the Press Conference 4/2006 Written by Webmaster 2203
NLD members and the noted persons within the country had contacts with expatriate terrorists All members of NCUB including NCGUB of expatriate Sein Win, FTUB of Pyithit Nyunt Wai and KNU are actually terrorists Written by Webmaster 4273
Tatmadaw commits itself to national defence, security task as inborn duty and welcomes back armed groups marching on the road to peace after realizing the truth Consequences follow according to one's sins and merits Law breakers will face punishment accor Written by Webmaster 4494
Questions and Answers at the Press Conference Written by Webmaster 3723
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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